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Ohio Commercial Lending Lawyer

At The Rivchun Law Firm, the commercial lending practice has resulted in the establishment of many valued relationships with lending institutions and business organizations.  We apply our experience to pursue a cost-effective and efficient resolution to all commercial transactions.  We represent clients on both sides of commercial lending and are able to anticipate and resolve issues before they turn into actual problems.  By offering sound legal advice we help our clients minimize many of the business risks that are inherent in today’s constantly evolving landscape.

Commercial Lending Areas

Creative Commercial Real Estate Negotiation

Recently, the Rivchun Law Firm has assisted clients in the negotiation of discounted purchase offers (DPO), deed in lieu of foreclosure transactions, short sale transactions and forbearance agreements. Our clients are able to take advantage of our experience in understanding the issues facing lenders in negotiating forbearance and workout agreements for conduit and recourse loan transactions.

Commercial Loan Work Out Negotiations

At Rivchun Law, we examine and provide an array of solutions for troubled commercial real estate borrowers. We fully understand the dynamics of the commercial loan workout process. We provide Loan Document Review, Negotiation of Loan Modifications, Negotiation of Short Sales, Development and Construction of Loan Workouts and more.

Finance & Commercial Lending

We have a long standing reputation in the area of finance and commercial lending to provide practical advice and favorable results. We represent lenders and borrowers in commercial lending transactions, providing advice on potential legal consequences of loan structures, swap agreements, documentation of secured and unsecured commercial loans as well as review of all loan documentation and more.

Commercial Equipment Leasing

Commercial Equipment Leasing is a delicate area which requires good attention to detail, particularly for large ticket items. Too often we see parties who think they are in agreement on terms when actually they are not. The Rivchun Law Firm can help to review the lease, negotiate favorable terms and work to resolve any issues which you are currently working through, whether in mediation, arbitration or litigation.

Various Commercial Credit Instruments

We take pride in our unique business approach to commercial transactions, as well as all other practice areas we handle. Through sound legal advice we have become one of Cleveland’s premiere business law firms.

Our clients routinely comment that our creative approach and responsive customer support have made huge positive impacts in their lives.

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